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General Information regarding our sightseeing tours by bike:

First Off: Munich is very arguably the most biker friendly city in the world. It is literally difficult to imagine a city that could offer a route for a sightseeing tour by bicycle that is easier or more scenic than any of those that we have chosen for our Munich sightseeing tours.

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Safety and Degree of Difficulty:

Our Munich sightseeing tours are almost never on streets with traffic, rather almost always on bike paths that are separate and adjacent to major avenues, through parks or along the Isar River, so yes, our tours are extremely safe. Our Munich sightseeing tours are also not the least bit strenuous. We stop very frequently to listen to the guide talk about something interesting. 

mbt-cruza-2010-252 171Our Bikes:

We use primarily Cruiser bicycles with very comfortable seats. Most of our guests wind up riding on one of our very own MBT Cruzas (2.0 version)made according to our specificaitions for us in Taiwan and arrived in June, 2013. These bikes have 7 gears and most have baskets mounted on the backrack. Also we have 120 BRAND NEW 3-speed Lady  Super Deluxe Cruisers from Electra. Both of these bikes provide an upright ergonomic posture, are suitable for just about anybody and perfect for our guided sightseeing tours. We also have however hybrid and Holland style bikes for those who would prefer to use such bikes instead. For kids and those whom we affectionatley sometimes refer to as "vertically challenged", we also have 20” and 24” mountain bikes and we also provide child seats and tag along bikes at no extra charge! We also have two tandem bikes and an adult tricylce as well! Families are very welcome and kids love our tours too! Helmets and baskets to be mounted on the back rack can always be provided upon request, naturally at no extra charge.

Our Style:

Mike's Bike Tours essentially invented the entertaining, city sightseeing tour by bicycle. In any case, we were the first to become popular doing such guided tours especially for English-speaking visitors to Munich, or any other city for that matter. From the beginning, we have strived to show people a great time that they would subsequently rave about to many others for a long time into the future. In doing so, Mike and the original Mike's Bike Tour guides developed a somewhat "irreverent" approach to presenting Munich's history and that of its architectural highlights which we cover on our guided bike tours. Our Munich sightseeing tours have never been boring, dry or more academic than humorous. We try to keep the mix just right and have recently reviewed our guides' respective tours and helped them to refine their content and presentation so that nobody is ever offended and strive, again, in 2015, to raise the bar regarding the overall quality and professionalism of our product.

Our Policy:

Our aim has always been to achieve a level of enthusiastic satisfaction from all of our guests. We do not want to accept payment for any of our guided sightseeing tours from anyone that does not feel that that they had made an excellent choice to spend their time in Munich with us. Any unsatisfied guest is welcome to discretely address their issue(s) with Mike, his wife Uschi or our Operations Manager, Siggi  in our shop at the end of any tour and request exclusion from payment. We would only want to know for what reason. We find it worth mentioning at this point that this has happend an estimated ten times over 20 seasons, with almost a quarter of a million guests

Thank you for your interest in our Munich sightseeing tours by bicycle. We hope to be showing you a great time here in Munich soon and to eventually send you, too, off as another FAN of Mike's Bike Tours!

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