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Our Story

History and Origin of Mike's Bike Tours



Since 1995 Mike’s Bike Tours has had the privilege of serving more than half a million satisfied customers. This is the story of how a small company founded by a 27 year-old kid from Long Island, NY became the most popular outdoor sightseeing activity in the beautiful and alluring city of Munich.

Michael Lasher - Founder of Mike's Bike Tours

Mike Lasher

CEO & Founder Mike’s Bike Tours

Greetings from the Beer Drinking Capital of the World at the Foot of the Alps – Munich!

My name is Michael Lasher. I moved to this great city from Long Island, NY in October, 1993. In the summer of 1994 while working in management for McDonald’s in Tourist Central (Tal, Marienplatz), I realized that no one was addressing the needs of the seemingly lost, lonely, bored and often visibly frustrated English-speaking travellers in Munich at all. One day while riding my bike along the high shore of the Isar river through Maximilan’s lovely Anlagen, I had a “Eureka” experience as a brilliant idea struck me. Like two-plus-two-equals-four, it was suddenly clear to me what I could do as an entrepreneur in Munich and simultaneously answer a question which I had been asked several times by tourists until then, which went something like,”Hey man, you live in Munich right? Can you recommend something cool to do here?”

In that very moment I was convinced that I would start a company to be called, Mike’s Bike Tours of Munich.The following May (1995), after doing historical research, buying 20 used bikes and printing (actually photo-copying!) a modest brochure, among other necessary measures, I quit my job at McDonald’s and started showing people a lot more of this great city than most seemed to me to have been experiencing on their own. In 1997 I started Mike’s Bike Tours Amsterdam. Now in our 27th season of consistent commitment to excellence in Munich, we have earned our outstanding reputation which truly precedes us when it comes to entertaining and informative city sightseeing tours, and continue to do so now more than ever.

Over the course of 26 seasons, we are proud to have sent away more than half a million satisfied visitors, literally raving about the overall quality and value of our Munich sightseeing tours, our superb service and most of all… how much FUN they had with us. We are very proud of that last one in particular. We have had what we do down to a science for quite a while, but we continue to raise the bar and improve where we can. Year after year we strive to deserve the reputation that has preceded us since 1995, “The most popular and best-known  sightseeing tour offered for english-speaking visitors to Munich”. We are proud and thankful for the +4,000 rave reviews we have been able to earn at Trip All thanks to you, our loyal guests.

Whether it is our Classic, Superior, Third Reich, Deluxe, Private Bike Tours or our Castle, Walking, Private Tours by Van or Bus we have the experience and the amazing staff to accommodate your personal needs. Our job is for you to have the best and most memorable experience Munich and / or its surroundings. Our company is happy to offer you friendly and professional services at fair and competitive prices and we will strive to send you off as nothing less than another FAN of our company and the marvellous city of Munich. We are sure you will leave us very excited to share your experience with many others for years to come. Thanks to this you have been able to keep us alive and well in the buisness of keeping our guests happy and satisfied. If you are around in Munich, please don’t hesitate to stop by and say hi. We would love to help you in any way we can.

“If you’re ever in Munich, you HAVE TO do Mike’s Bike Tour!”


Michael Lasher



Our awesome team is the reason MBT has been able to keep up with it’s great standards. Get to know us. We strive so that you have the best experience in any of our tours. Our job is to make you fall in love with the city and it’s surroundings as much as we do. Feel free to approach us anytime!

Michael Lasher - Founder of Mike's Bike Tours

Michael Lasher

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