Welcome to the Mike's Bike Tours Website!

Proudly celebrating our 22nd season in operation!



Welcome to the Mike's Bike Tours of Munich homepage!


 2016 Offseason Fall/Winter Tours still running! 

We are looking forward to showing YOU a great time here in Munich and sending you off as yet another enthusiastically satisfied guest!

 Our CLASSIC Tour is running daily at 11:15 until December 20th.


For tours during the Oktoberfest, please refer to our Oktoberfest Tours page, which has multiple tour times to accommodate your needs. We run our Classic Tour at 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:15am and 3:30pm! 

Reservations are recommended. With or without them, please come to our meeting point on time!

For further details you can visit our Bike Tours Section HERE. 



If you are interested in joining us on our fantastic day trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle, you  Should book in advance!  If you have not booked in advance online or in our shop at least a day prior to the tour date, you can still try your luck by coming into our office at 8:30 on the day you wish to come. We often have last minute cancellations and some not showing up, so it is often worth a shot! 


Please note, from October to December we run a different tour schedule and DO NOT do our bike excursion due to the weather, however make a couple of extra stops along the way! For more information on our off season itinerary please CLICK HERE

For details on the tour itself please visit our Castle Tours Section HERE.

Treat yourself to something special while in Munich. Join the WORLD FAMOUS Munich city sightseeing tour by bike (foot, or bus), which is the original, Mike's Bike Tours!


We look forward to seeing you during our 2016 off season! 

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