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Proudly celebrating our 21st season and 20th anniversary!



Welcome to the Mike's Bike Tours of Munich homepage!


Please read if you are coming during Oktoberfest

Our 21st year in operation has been fantastic so far! We have some new tours to offer, our team is better than ever and we are looking forward to showing YOU a great time here in Munich and sending you off as yet another enthusiastically satisfied guest!   :-)

*Just a small note* Our tours have not been affected by the European Migration Crisis. All tours are going ahead as planned and scheduled. 

During Oktoberest we are running a couple of different bike tours and our Neuschwanstein Castle Tour. Further information can be found in each tours individual section. Some vital info is as follows:

Our "Classic Bike Tour" runs daily, at 11:30 am from our meeting point.  (Reservations are not necessary, however are highly recommended as we do run at capacity most days!) We try to make sure everyone gets on our tour! Don't be afraid if you see 150 people at our meeting point, we are not going out in one large group :)

For details on this please visit our Bike Tours Section HERE.

We are running two tours, Our Executive Tour, which runs at 9:30am and 4:30pm. These tours are limited to 16 persons per group which makes for a more intimate experience. Because of the group size we cover a bit more ground in the 4 hours and see a couple of more things along the way. Our 4:30 tour will be coming back in the dark so you will see Munich lit up by its beautiful city lights. These tours also depart from our meeting point.

For details on these tours please visit our Oktoberfest Section HERE.

If you are interested in joining us on our excursion to the Neuschwanstein castle, YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE! WE ARE ALMOST FULLY BOOKED EVERY DAY. Please book immediately if you have decided you would like to join us our fantastic day trip. We do have last minute cancellations on the day and work on a first come first serve basis. Please come on the morning you wish to come and we will try our very best to make sure we get you on the tour, depending on how long our waiting list. 

please refer to our Castle Tour Schedule here. We do not run the last Sunday, October the 4th, however run on Monday the 5th! 

Treat yourself to something special while in Munich. Join the WORLD FAMOUS Munich city sightseeing tour by bike, which is the original, Mike's Bike Tours!

We look forward to seeing you during the amazing and messy Oktoberfest! We hope you have started your beer training!


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