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 An absolutely wonderful 7-Day Itinerary! (Or to be tailored and customized to suit your needs for shorter durations)

SkylineAbendQuer WEBGuests are required to be in Munich on the evening prior to departure. On this evening we offer a sightseeing tour of Munich and a welcome supper with orientation, both of which are included in our tour price. 

Day 1: Nürnberg und Rothenburg ob der Tauber

1 Day 1 Nürnberg WEBDeparture from Munich to Nürnberg, where you have the choice to enjoy a guided tour or free time in the historic and charming “altstadt” (old city center) or a visit to the very interesting and educational NS documentation center. At 12:30 we will have lunch together (or not, naturally it’s up to you) and from 1:30 to about 3:30 there is another opportunity to enjoy a guided walking tour through the old town. As always, your guide will provide suggestions for how you may want to choose to spend your free time if you prefer to not be with the group at any time, for any reason. 1 Day 1 Rothenburg WEBAt about 4:00 we depart Nürnberg for Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which is less than 1.5 hours by coach. Upon arrival in the famously original medieval village we will check into our hotel and enjoy some down time until we get together for supper (or not, again, it’s up to you) after which we enjoy the renowned Nightwatchman Tour around the town’s centuries-old wall and village's highlights, almost just like it was 500 years ago.

Day 2: Hohenschwangau & Schloss Neuschwanstein

CastleAndBridge WEBAfter breakfast we depart on a 2 hour journey from Rothenburg to Füssen / Hohenschwangau, where the famous Neuschwanstein castle is. Here we will spend an enchanted day in this gorgeous alpine setting with options for several different activities, including: biking, swimming, hiking, rental of row or pedal boats, use of an alpine slide, taking a gondola to the top of a mountain and even jumping off a cliff on a thrilling tandem paraglide, as well, of course, as taking a tour through the interior of the world’s most famous castle! It is up to you, as always, whether you would like to stay with your tour guide and others in the group or enjoy your day or part of it independently, naturally with support from us if desired. Likewise, lunch can be with us or on your own.

1 Day 2 Linderhof WEBAfter a full day near Neuschwantein we depart for our next destination,  Linderhof Palace, which is about 1 hour away. There we will check into our hotel, have supper and just relax through the rest of the evening hours. 

Day 3: Linderhof, Oberammergau, Ettal & Garmisch

Today, after breakfast of course, we first visit the (adjacent to our hotel) Linderhof Palace and gardens. At around 11:30 we depart for the nearby village of Oberammergau where we will enjoy another outstanding Bavarian meal for lunch and explore the famous and charming town with its numerous wood carving shops and the theater where the world’s most famous Passion Play takes place once every 10 years. At about 2:00 we regroup and proceed up the country road to the 14th century monastery in Ettal for a brief visit to look inside one of Germany’s most impressive churches.

1 Day 2 GarmischPartenkirchen WEBNext, we continue towards our main destination for the day, the famous alpine village(s) of Garmisch-Partenkirchen which co-hosted the 1936 winter Olympics, where we will first enjoy lunch at the site of the ski jumping for those Olympics as well as the 2011 World Cup, prior to embarking on a guided walk through a spectacular gorge. After the 1 hour gorge “hike” (optional) we check into our hotel and enjoy some free time. Plans for supper and the evening are open and fully optional.

Day 4: Garmisch, Innsbruck & Schliersee

For the first time on our trip we will not depart for a new destination right away, rather enjoy the spectacular natural beauty surrounding us in this amazing region, with numerous possibilities very similar to those listed above under day 2. Should the weather be inclement one may prefer to enjoy some “wellness” and simply relax at our hotel which we have chosen with this eventuality in mind.

innsbruck sommer WEBIn the afternoon we depart for the charming Austrian city of Innsbruck, which hosted the 1976 winter Olympics. Here we will enjoy some local Austrian fare for lunch and walk through the historic old town. A few hours after arrival we depart for a very scenic drive along two of the most beautiful lakes in the area, Aachensee and Teegernsee, to our next destination, 1 Day 3 Schliersee WEBSchliersee, where we will take a gondola ride up to our hotel on a mountain. There we will enjoy a truly stunning view of the surrounding mountains, the village and lake below from their wonderful beer garden and pool area - until the sun goes down. 

Day 5: Schloss Herrenchiemsee & Berchtesgaden

schubert Fraueninsel WEBToday we depart in the morning for Chiemsee, Bavaria’s largest lake, which is just an hour away and where we will take a ferry to an island where we will see another, the 3rd and last, of Ludwig II’s fantastic palaces - Schloss Herrenchiemsee. After the ferry ride back we will enjoy lunch here before continuing onward for about another hour to today’s main destination, the alpine National Park region of Berchtesgadener Land. In the evening, after checking into our hotel we invite you to join us on a gondola ride to the top of Mount Jenner, overlooking the spectacular Königsee, where we will enjoy incredible views and another excellent supper together.

Day 6: Berchtesgadener Land, Eagle’s Nest & Königsee

1 Day 4 Ramsau WEB

For the second time we will not depart for a new destination right away on this morning, for there is much to see and do here! Our guide will accompany those interested on a tour up to the famous “Eagle’s Nest”, officially known as the Kehlstein Haus. This tea house was built atop Mt. Kehlstein as a surprise to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday. Weather permitting, the views from Mt. Kehlstein are truly spectacular. Down below there is also the opportunity to visit the site where the Berghof” was as well as the documentation center and part of the bunker system which was constructed for the NAZI elite. EaglesNest WEB





Königsee WEB



In the afternoon, after arriving back down in Berchtesgaden, our guide will continue to lead those interested in joining him across the Königsee on an electric boat to the 800+ year old St. Bartholomä monastery where we will have supper at what is very arguably the world’s most beautiful beer garden, after which we take the boat back and board our coach for our destination of the day, the nearby Austrian city of Salzburg, which is only a 30-minute drive away up a scenic mountain road. There we check into our hotel and it's your choice to have supper together and join us on a walk through the oldest part of the city or enjoy your time on your own. 

Day 7: Salzburg und Hallstatt

1 Day 6 Salzburg WEBAfter a hearty Austrian breakfast we embark on a guided tour through the picturesque old town of Salzburg. Guests are given approximately 3 hours of free time and after lunch we will re-group and embark on yet another scenic alpine drive to the nearby Unesco World Heritage site of Hallstatt, which is a little over an hour away. Here we will explore and enjoy a last supper together before departing for Munich, where we will arrive at our hotel around 8:30 p.m. 1 Day 7 Hallstatt WEB


If this sounds nearly as wonderful a trip to you as we know it to be, then we hope to be having you along sometime this year! You can book this tour as a 3, 5 or 7 day itinerary on our booking page now by choosing the start date on the calendar or you can simply send us an Email to inquire or express your interest. 

We encourage you to compare this itinerary and our prices to any other similar tours you can find, as we are very confident that if this is the kind of tour you are interested in that you are unlikely to find one that is more appealing or offers more value for the price.

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St Bartholomae panoramic view WEB

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