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Why choose to discover Bavaria with us?

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Bavaria is indisputably one of the most beautiful regions in all of Europe and is known the world over for its gorgeous countryside, warm hospitality, colorful culture, rural settings, rustic architecture, alpine charm, historic heritage, famous castles, eccentric 19th century King, pristine lakes, fantastic beer, delicious cuisine, industrial significance (BMW, MAN, Audi, Puma, Adidas, Siemens), and yet more. Absolutely centrally located in the heart of Western Europe, Munich, the capital of Bavaria, has one of the very best international airports in the world and is where our excursion through the heart of this wonderful state in Germany begins and ends and where we have been sending off tens of thousands of guests as nothing less than huge fans of our company and home since 1995 through our parent company, Mike’s Bike Tours.

Flexible Duration! – If you are for whatever reason less interested in our 7-day itinerary and would prefer to join us for either 3 or 5 days instead, you’re welcome to “drop out” of the tour in either Garmisch (day 3) or in Berchtesgaden or Salzburg (day 5) and continue your vacation as you like independently. We can gladly help you customize your vacation.

Led by Locals - Though 2015 will be our first year offering this tour, we will be showing you the home we have grown to know very well and love so much over 20 years spent enjoying and exploring its many hidden secrets and beautiful alpine villages. We know of no other company offering a similar tour through Bavaria that is run by people who actually live here and have been leading (private) tours in the region for a good number of years as we have. Our unique itinerary is the product of years of experience and months of time invested in conceptualizing an arguably ideal route which packs so many highlights and wonderful places into such a compact time while keeping in mind the value of quality over quantity and the importance of not running our guests ragged.

Small Groups - Our tours are limited to a maximum of 37 guests and more likely than not will have significantly fewer, so there will in any case be plenty of extra space on our comfortable air-conditioned coaches. This tour is thus guaranteed to NOT be crowded whatsoever, which gives your personable and knowledgeable native English-speaking guide the opportunity to offer personal service and attention consistently.


Theme-oriented Accommodation - For our special week-long trips through wonderful upper Bavaria we have chosen quaint and comfortable hotels while emphasizing an interest in charm and character and also employing a very critical eye on overall quality and cleanliness. We are confident that there will be no reasons to be disappointed in our chosen accommodations for any reason, just as long as one is not expecting luxury accommodation, which if you are reading this should clearly not be the case.


Best Value Offered in a Coach Trip through Bavaria - If you compare our tour to similar tours offered by Rick Steves, Insight, Globus and anyone else you can find on the web or elsewhere we believe that you will not find a one in our region that is more attractive than ours nor one which has been conceived by “locals” such as us or offers a better value than our highly competitive prices do.

If you choose to do such research and find any comparable itinerary / offer to be lRieserseePortrait WEBess expensive than ours it is most likely because that company’s groups have significantly more people on their coaches than we do, which can be up to as many as 55 for long-established companies such as Globus, for example. Our prices are very close to those of all other tours that we have found which are comparable, despite our significantly lower volume of guests. We guarantee a seat-to-guest ratio on our coaches of minimum 1.5 to 1. This means if we have, for example, 30 guests, then the coach would have minimally 45 seats. The maximum number of seats on any of our coaches is 55 and therefore the maximum number of guests is 37.

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