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English GardenThe English Garden is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world with the second largest beer garden (the Chinese Tower) in Munich

The English Garden is one of the largest metropolitan parks in the world, and certainly also one of the most beautiful. It is slightly larger than Central Park in New York and slightly smaller than Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Once the private hunting grounds of the king and training grounds for the Bavarian army, it was dedicated to the citizens of Munich in 1789 in a response to the French Revolution (with the plan in mind to keep the population content and less inspired to revolt). It is 5.5 km long (from North to South) and about one kilometer wide. (about 1,000 acres or over 370 hectares). It is called the English Garden because it was designed in the English style of gardening, by an Englishman, whose name was Benjamin Thompson.

This grand park truly is one of Munich' best sightseeing highlights and certainly best to experience by bicycle!

The park has four large beer gardens. They are the Chinese Tower, the Seehaus (Lakehouse), the Hirschau, just on the other side of the road that goes over the park on the North side of the lake and the Aumeister, which is at the very (northern) end of the park. The southern third of the park, (south of the lake) is where the most people always are. Nude sunbathing is accepted on the meadow on the West side of the stream near the Monopteros Temple, atop the hill.





Munich's Surfers do their thing, almost always in wetsuites, near the Haus der Kunst Museum on the Prinzregenten Strasse at the very Southern end of the park.

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