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Munich Mass Transit: a.k.a MVV
















The Munich MVV Transit System is extensive, clean, safe, reliable and affordable. Payment is done on the honor system. It s a 40 € fine if you are caught riding without a ticket. Ticket vending machines are always upstairs near the entrances to the tracks. Don t forget to validate your ticket at the little stamping machine before you get on the escalator to go downstairs or when you get on buses or trams. Machines are now all touch-screen. Choose your language and then touch MVV to get to the options explained below. 

PAYING: Day Tickets (Tageskarten) are the easiest and most efficient way to pay if you are going to use the system more than a few times in a day, most especially if you are not alone, as the Day Partner Tickets are good for up to five adults.


For a single person, the Tageskarte costs just 6.20 € for the inner city and 12 € for the entire system, 2015. 


When travelling with at least one friend, get the Tagespartner-Karte for 11.70 € (2015) for the inner city and 22.30 € for the entire system, but note that this ticket is good for up to five persons. If you're interested in going to the Memorial in Dachau then use the XXL ticket, which is 8.30 € for one person and 14.80 € for up to 5 persons, again, 2015 prices. These tickets allow for unlimited travel on all trains, trams and buses from the time validated until 6:00 am the next day.


The Partner Ticket (again, good for up to five adults) for three days costs only 27.10 € for the inner city (2015). For a single person the cost is 15.50 €. This option is apparently only available for the inner city for some reason. For a full list of price options visit: MVV Ticket Options -English - 2015


For sporadic and not extensive use of the system, Strip Tickets are a good option. They cost (2015) 13.00 € for 10 strips. You need to validate 2 strips for every ride you take in an S-bahn, U-bahn, Tram or bus where you go more than 2 stops, yet more if you are travelling a number of zones, but that does get kinda complicated. In case you're interested though, you would need to look closely at the system plan and notice the faded circles in the background and the numbers they have. Count the number of zones you would be travelling. Each zone requires 2 strips, so 2 Zones require 4 strips, etc. Here is a table: Strip Card Details You can always transfer without having to stamp again, as long as you are not going back in the direction you came from. You can even have gaps of up to 3 hours between transfers without having to stamp again, which is a cool feature.


For a complete overview in English go to the Munich Mass Transit corporation's website, which is: www.mvv-muenchen.de

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