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Munich Sightseeing Tours by Bike: FAQ's and Answers

Q: Do we have to make a reservation or can we just show up?

A: Reservations are recommended, however one can also just show up at our meeting point at the appropriate time and most of the time can get on the tour without a reservation.

Q: What is the difference between the Classic and the Superior tours?

A: Our Superior tour is a bit more expensive, lasts 5 hours instead of 4 and usually has significantly smaller groups. This tour is more appealing to those not on such a tight budget who would rather be in a smaller group and enjoy a somewhat more personal experience with their guide. The Superior tour offers somewhat more in-depth information, includes a few more stops and generally has a more relaxed pace because although the route is more or less the same with just a few additions, we take an entire extra hour to do the tour.

Q: How long is the Deluxe bike tour?

A: Our Deluxe bike tour of Munich lasts about 7 hours, including stops in two beer gardens, and in total is about 9 miles or 15 km in length.

Q: What does the Deluxe Tour cover that our other sightseeing tours do not?

A: Our Deluxe bike tour covers everything which our Classic tour does and additionally, the Königsplatz, the Olympic Park, the BWM World and the Nymphenburg Palace.

Q: What kind of bikes do we use?

A: We have several hundred bicycles, most of which are Cruisers, with very comfortable seats, but we do also have Holland bikes, hybrid bikes and kids bikes for all ages and sizes. We have bikes with child seats, tag-along trailers and 3 tandems as well. All of our bikes are of excellent quality and are well maintained. Most of them have a back rack to which a basket can be mounted and a bottle holder. 

Q: Can we pay with a credit card?

A: Yes, we accept Visa and Master Card.

Q: What do we see on the tour?

A: Our Classic bike tour covers most of the architectural highlights of central Munich, about 1/3 (from North to South) of the English Garden, a nice stretch along the Isar River, and more. Our guides stop about 20 times for commentary on our 4-hour bike tour, which includes 30 minutes prior to getting on bikes and about 45 minutes in the beer garden for lunch or supper, in the middle of the tour. As mentioned above, our Superior tour also visits the Königsplatz and beyond that, our Deluxe tour also visits the Olympic Park, BWM World and the Nymphenburg Palace

Q: Is the tour strenuous and how long is it?

A: We cover about 4 miles in a total of 4 hours on our Classic bike tour of Munich, so no, the tour is not the least bit strenuous. We ride at a very relaxed pace and stop at a point of interest on the average every 400 meters. The Superior tour covers about 5 miles in 5 hours and the Deluxe, about 7 miles in 7 hours. No matter what, the tours are not strenuos.

Q: Is the tour safe and appropriate for children?

A: Our tour is very safe and is almost always on bike paths completely separate from the street. Kids are very welcome to come along. Toddlers can be in a child seat, like this cute little guy is on the left, and for those from 4 to about 6 yrs of age we even have 3 tag-along bikes. For kids from 5 to 12 we have 16”, 20” and 24” bikes and naturally provide helmeets upon request as well. Kids love our tours too!

Q: How long do we stay in the beer garden?

A: We enjoy Munich’s most popular beer garden for about 45 minutes to about an hour, and sometimes when everyone wants to, just a wee bit longer. 8-)

Q: Do we have a tandem bicycle?

A: Yes, we have two tandems. These are for those that have a partner who cannot ride a bike! Please call to reserve if you would like (NEED) to use one.

Q: Do we have a 3-wheel bicycle?

A: We did, but at the moment we do not. If there is interest, please email or call us to confirm availability.

Q: How many people are in a group?

A: Group size almost always ranges from 2 to about 25. Our official limit is 25 for the Classic tour and 16 in the maximum for our Deluxe and Superior tours. 

Q: Do we offer group discounts?

A: Yes, we offer group discounts and the price is usually either €21 for students or €28 per person instead of the usual €31. Chaperones of school groups come as our guests for every ten students / pupils paying. For more information you can refer to THIS PAGE about group tours.

Q: Is there a student discount?

A: Yes, our student discount is €21 per person and is offered to those with a Valid Student ID.

Q: How do we get to your location?

A: Click on this link: Discover Bavaria is DIRECTLY around the corner from the REAR entrance to the world famous beer hall, the Hofbräuhaus. We are in the Hochbrücken Str. at the corner of the Bräuhaus Str. The Hochbrücken Str. is a side street on the North side of TAL, which is the street that runs from the East end of Marienplatz towards the Isartor (East).

Our Meeting Point for our bike tours is under the TOWER of the OLD town hall at the END of the TAL Str. / East END of the Marienplatz. This is the building under which the street runs. The TOY MUSEUM is inside the tower and we meet at the entrance to this museum, under the arch. For about 15 minutes after we meet we are still at that location, albeit about 10 meters more towards the TAL street, in front of the statue of Juliet.

Q: Do we provide helmets?

A: Yes, we have helmets for those that would like to use one, though it is not mandatory to wear one. There is no extra charge.

If you have a question that was not answered here feel free to email us and ask it.

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