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The MBT Team Photo: 2016


Meet the MBTs Munich 2014 Guides: These are the Professional Entertainers that make the Mike's Bike Tours experience so unique, entertaining and so difficult to copy.

AJ, our Master Mechanic, also in charge of bike sales, in grey. In the middle, in black, is Hunter, Assistant Mechanic and Tour Guide.Our part time guides, Dani, Will and Aiden. Kelly our shop guru and our shop staff, Miranda, Rachel, Brian, Nico, Marty and Helio. 

In front: Noha & Tim, Mike and Uschi's boys, who help out with renting bikes on busy weekend days & Lily, Mike's youngest daughter.

Absent from photo are Brad and Maaika, our hosts for the day trip to the castle, who can be seen here under Meet Our Guide, Brad Daynes under Bus Bavaria Neuschwanstein Castle Tours.

MikeHeadshot-2010-webMichael Lasher, from NY - Founder of MBTs 

After working in Zermatt, Switzerland in the winter of 1992, Mike moved to Munich in 1993, started MBTs in May of 1995 and MBT Amsterdam in 1997. He and his lovely wife Uschi, have six beautiful children ranging from 10 to 26 years of age. Although it's not too often these days, he still enjoys leading bike tours and especially private tours by car or van for families & small groups out in the countryside and to Neuschwanstein castle. Mike's current "extracurricular" project is to promote a revolutionary sport park design which can be seen at mas-unterfoehring.de. A previous creative project can be seen at Globopolis.net Among other future plans he expects to participate in at least his 2nd  Ironman (Austria) in 2017 (1st in 2009, 15:13) when his son can also participate for his first time after turning 18 in June of that year. More on how MBTs got started is HERE.

Siegmund B - South AfricaSiggi-Reduced

Siegmund, Siggi, Ziggy, whatever you want to call him, our South African General Manager, head tour guide, bike rental and private tour specialist is a bundle of laughs. Now in his 10 season he is a veteran when it comes to doing tours. His insight will keep you riveted to your bicycle seats or car seats, depending on course where you find yourself with this charming affable Saffa. Siegmund has been living in Munich for 12 years now and if he is not chilling in the beer gardens, riding one of his many bicycles you will find him touring the Alps with his BMW motorbike or just simply working in the shop dispensing invaluable advice about our charming city, München.

matty2013-2Matt Robitaille - Vancouver, Canada

Matt, our fun loving Operations Manager, is afraid of the dark and loves Donuts. Matt now in his 8th year at doing Tours in Munich. Matt has been backpacking for over 15 years on and off. After spending years on the road, living in England and Australia, he decided to make Munich his home. He hated wearing the suit and tie and got caught up in living the life! He is a water baby and if you end up on his tour, chances are he's going to try to convince you to jump into the Eisbach! When winter hits he's on some mountain boarding the days away. He is a die-hard hockey fan (Go Canucks Go!)… it is his religion. Travelling has been the one passion he's found in life and loves to be able to share his passion with the people he meets.

kyleKyle Winkler - Fullerton California

AKA - Coach! Our Head tour guide and staff guru! Born in Fullerton, CA as the third of four boys on February 5th, 1984, our adventurous Kyle graduated from the University of Texas in 2009, having majored in German and history. While doing a semester abroad at the University of Würzburg, Kyle visited Munich and went on one of our tours, when Mike, the ever so keen talent seeker discovered him. Kyle has been a guide here since 2011. He LOVES Augustiner Helles, Munich's best lager beer, his dog, and assisting old ladies who need help crossing the street. His mellow, laid-back style invariably wins over our guests' affection for him within minutes. As with all of our tour guides, four or more hours with Kyle are guaranteed to be most enjoyable ones you'll likely never forget.

James Burgess Mikes Bikes Tour GuideJames - Melbourne, Australia

James has spent the last several years living the hard life while backpacking around the globe. Endless summers are his game, working on golf courses in his home town Melbourne and as as a tour guide in Munich, now in his 6th year on the MBT Team. His Australian charm, cheeky nature and passion for Munich will leave you with a most memorable experience. Like all our guides, he really knows what he is talking about and  for those interested can offer more in-depth information than is customary for our typical tour.

Tony Martin - Washington, DCTony Martin, guide

Tony is a fun loving guy straight out of Washington, D.C.  A professional videographer and photographer, Tony has traveled to over 170 countries as the host of a Travel Channel TV show and as an Ambassador for Coca-Cola, searching for and filming what makes people happy. Out of all the places he's visited, Munich is one of the cities he loves the most. The goal on his tour is simple: He wants you to feel that same love that he has for this amazing city. If you're interested in what our guests have thought about his tours you can check out our listing at tripadvisor.com and peruse some of the many 5 star reviews which mention his name.

elliotElliot Wright - Yorkshire England

Elliot, a.k.a The Tourist Whisperer, hails from sunny England. At the age of 27 he decided to leave the sandy beaches and luxurious sunsets and take his talents across the channel to greater Europe. While pursuing his love of travelling and indulging his interest in history and the arts, he stumbled across the beautiful, cultured and historically rich city of Munich, fell in love with the lifestyle here and decided to make it his new home. Even though Elliot is soft spoken, his thirst for knowledge and enjoyment of sharing it with others are sure to help you get more out of your visit in Munich. Elliot is now in his 4th year as a guide here in Munich.

chrisrichChris Richardson - Sydney, Australia

You may recognize him from Scary Movie as the character "Doofie". The only Aussie that hates vegemite, Chris comes from a little beach town north of Sydney. He has been traveling for 3 years splitting his time between Edinburgh and Munich before finally settling here. He is passionate about this city, the lifestyle, the culture and the general atmosphere of Munich. He loves sharing this passion. After a tour with Chris, you will see all the great sides of this charming city and why he loves it so much. Yes it is true, he does drink beer mixed with lemonade (tripadvisor.com reviews as proof) but don't let this deter you! His easy going nature is a perfect fit with the team. In his spare time he likes to hold hands and talk about feelings.

kellyKelly Mclaughlin - England

Kelly, our lovely Office and Shop Manager, loves working at MBT and is now in her 5th season! After moving back and forth between Munich and the UK during the last 10 years she decided to let Munich have her heart and moved here full-time in 2014. Just like any other Mike’s Bike Tours employee, Kelly usually spends her winters hitting the slopes or travelling the world- not a bad gig if we don’t say so ourselves! She also enjoys drinking a beer or two, you can probably find her at the nearby hostel bars with the locals. If you spot her around be sure to give her a big hug from us. 


Kevin Long - Irelandkevin2

Kevin hails from the rugged and wild West of Ireland near the world famous Cliffs of Moher and is in his 3rd year with the team. Having come here for a summer during university he fell in love with the charming, beautiful and relaxed city so much he moved back to Munich in 2013 after finishing his degree in Economics and History back in Ireland. Kevin learned the noble art of beer pouring at the Chinese Tower beergarden where his friendliness, wit and general Irish charm brought him to our attention and he has gone on to become one of our most loved tour guides. If he’s got his dancing shoes on then he will afterwards go to the Havana Club where he gets his fix of Guinness and the best Gin Ricky in town

SeanSean Lum - Canada

Sean is a laid back, nature living guy from Toronto, Canada. Upon finishing university, he decided to travel the world and culture himself as a world citizen. When he arrived in Munich however, he fell in love with the city and what it had to offer. With the easy to love bavarian culture and a close proximity to the alps, he decided to cut his trip short, settle down and call munich his new home. 

calebCaleb Hazen - United States

Caleb grew up on a simple farm in the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska. His family then moved to Nowhere, Michigan. Tired of being Nowhere, he decided to go Somewhere. For four years he has traveled the globe, scampered with simians, kissed camels, and collected colors. He's never really sure where his winding road will take him next, but once he stepped foot in Munich he knew he had to delve into this particular rabbit hole. After only a year, his smile was considered the #1 attraction on tripadvisor... until Mike made him take down the page.

SandersWill Sanders - United States

Originally came to Mike’s Bike Tours 9 years ago in 2007 as a little rookie, and is still with us. From Dallas Texas, Will has been in Bavaria for the last 12 years off and on. After living in the Alps before graduating from Auburn University, (WAR EAGLE!), Will fell in love with Europe. Specializing in the Third Reich, Will has dedicated his past years honing in his skills on the dark history of Munich. Don’t worry its not all facts and numbers with this guy; jokes about sand castles and talk of his travels in Holland will surely make his tour unforgettable. Will also loves BBQ, coffee, and nights spent by the fire.

AlecAlec Finn - Australia

After majoring in Business Marketing at university in his home country of Australia, Alec very quickly came to the realization that there was no room for his exceptional skills in that industry, so he took them elsewhere. Else where happened to be England where he quickly found himself working in the tourism industry. After 5 years of working for multiple different tour companies all over Europe and Australia he finally settled in Munich. With experience in all of these different areas, Alec is sure to be able to give you an answer for almost any question you can throw at him on tour.

AbnerAbner Montoya - Canada

Spending most of his life with the Canadian Rocky Mountains as his backyard, you can consider Abner an expert in mountain adventures.  He hails from Nicaragua and has visited the country many times since his departure.  He credits his thirst for culture, history, and knowledge from his many travels around the world.  His passion for traveling has brought him to the history and excitement rich, Munich.  There is much to explore and discover… no better starting point in Germany than the Bavarian Alps!  Abner will keep you engaged and entertained, helping you create memories for the books!

TimTimmy Muutuki - Nairobi, Kenya

Tim a.k.a. Timmy or Timmeh! Is what we would call a world citizen. He was born in Germany, raised in St. Louis, MO before moving to Nairobi, Kenya. It's safe to say that Tim "gets" cultures and people. Having moved to Munich in 2008, Timmy fell in love with the city and kickstarted his career as a beer tour guide... yes, that is a real job too. :) With 8 years of tour guiding experience under his belt, rest assured that you are in good safe hands with our dreadlocked stud muffin Timmeh!

RyanRyan Hadaller - Los Angeles, United States

Ryan started with MBT in 2015 after spending 11 years in Los Angeles, working in the Television industry. He gave up his Hollywood lifestyle after meeting his German wife at Oktoberfest (of course) and moved to Munich in 2014. He can be found on our bike tours, in our offices, and occasionally on our tours to Neuschwanstein castle. If you ask him about his time in Hollywood, he'll most certainly tell you about how he taught Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) how to use a thumb drive, about the time he sat and smoked half a pack of cigarettes with Russell Crowe, and about how he traveled the world with his friend, renowned astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. On his tours, Ryan will show you why he fell in love with the city of Munich, its culture, and some his favorite historical facts about the place he now calls home. 

IngrigIngrid De Mattos - Brasil

Straight from the beaches in the sunny Rio de Janeiro to the bikes on the streets of Munich, Ingrid traded the caipirinhas for a proper german Weissbier. Being Munich a paradise for beer lovers, she fit in quite well. It was too hard not to fall in love completely for this city and decide to leave the classrooms where she used to teach English and teach our tourists about history and how Munich offers more than just our -AMAZING-, Oktoberfest! Like all of our tour guides, traveling is her passion and part of a growth experience, so she will be making sure that you'll leave her tour more knowlodgeable and with a big smile on your face.

hinks2Matt Hinkly - Australia

Hinks hails from Down Under just 15 mins from the famous 12 Apostles!! Over the past 2 years he has been back-packing over the Globe, finally deciding on Munich to settle. Matt is a Mechanical Engineer and will likely give you an insight on the tour on just how proficient these Germans are and show you some examples of their Engineering prowess. Rest assured Matt’s tours are oosing with laughs, entertainment and Aussie charm. At the end of the tour Hinks will know his guests so well he is often found giving some important info to his guests over a beer post tour. Prepare for a tour with the lot!


keats22Michael Keating - United States

Michael Keating (Aka Keats) hails for Minneapolis Minnesota.  After studying Finance at the U of M he moved to California and developed a passion for brewing beer and cycling.  A love of traveling came next and while visiting Munich and the world famous October Fest he knew he would one day be back. He also loves  triathlons and when he's not guiding people thru the city you can find him training in the Bavarian Alps for his next Ironman. 


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